Ice Lakes of Nebulon

2nd Track from the Emula Systems album by n83b. Captures the hash frozen environment of a distant ice planet. Barren and hostile, the atmosphere is frozen still like a picture. Large ice glaziers paint the horizon as blasts of gas dry ice spray out from cracks in the frozen landscape. If you listen carefully tho, […]

Home 3023

First track from the Emula Systems album. A journey through a fictional sola system. Home 3023 represents an Earth like planet set way into the future. The cities are expansive and hi – tech, glowing with bright warm light and activity. Hover cars and future transport fly in hordes, deafening the aural landscape for miles.

Fallen Heroes pt 4

4th track from n83bs Fallen Heroes ep. Made exclusively using tiny modern electronic devices: Nintendo hand-held, mobile phone and net-book. n83b replicates the busy organic inner-world of microscopic life with the aid of miniscule electronic devices. ‘mudhead’ art taken from

day & night

Day & Night, is the 6th track from n83b’s Planets – The Emula System album. Each song represents a planet in the solar system. Day and Night was set in the distant rock based mining planet, that runs day and night with machines drilling away and sucking resources. The first half of this song is […]