Ice Lakes of Nebulon

2nd Track from the Emula Systems album by n83b. Captures the hash frozen environment of a distant ice planet. Barren and hostile, the atmosphere is frozen still like a picture. Large ice glaziers paint the horizon as blasts of gas dry ice spray out from cracks in the frozen landscape. If you listen carefully tho, […]


even though this piece is about war, the bombing of Dresden to be exact and i left alot space, i was tempted to add the random snare shots as Holst did in Mars to signify gun shots, I wanted to create a more claustrophib environement as experiened by the people underground, during the bombing raid. […]

Fallen Heroes pt 4

4th track from n83bs Fallen Heroes ep. Made exclusively using tiny modern electronic devices: Nintendo hand-held, mobile phone and net-book. n83b replicates the busy organic inner-world of microscopic life with the aid of miniscule electronic devices. ‘mudhead’ art taken from