day & night

Day & Night, is the 6th track from n83b’s Planets – The Emula System album. Each song represents a planet in the solar system. Day and Night was set in the distant rock based mining planet, that runs day and night with machines drilling away and sucking resources. The first half of this song is set during the day time of the planet, where it is loud and alive. The second half represents the night, which is darker and subtle, yet the machines keep working.

Winter in My Heart

im not sure when this was written – few years back. Winter in my Heart I think not too long after boiling point. Nicley mixed, not too many sharp bits. I reckon you could play this at yer old man’s funeral and he wouldnt mind. its even got a refelctive harp solo in the middle. then the tempo and harmony are off set at the end.sweet.


A song I wrote about Vincent Dockx coz he’s cool. Hands up if your all for traffiking east euro puppies and walking them at every opportunity. And then feeding them too. Ya just gotsta watch our for yer “so called” mates…………